1. Complete your training in your own time. When you purchase one of our courses you are given access to our learning portal for 12 months, giving you plenty of time to complete your training.
  2. Work through the course at your own speed. Our system continuously logs your progress so you can return to where you left off at any time.
  3. Download your own RoSPA, ConCEST IATP or IOSH approved certificates. When you pass a course exam you will instantly receive a pdf certificate of achievement that can be downloaded. 
  4. CPD points. All of our courses have a number of CPD points associated with them, add these to your own overall CPD total.
  5. Set up learner groups to track learner progress and view certificates. Perfect for companies and teams and its free of charge. 
  6. Save £££'s with one of our bundle deals, starting from just £17.50 +VAT.


Quality and consistency

When delivering training it is vital that quality and consistency is maintained. This is very difficult to do with a standard, trainer/teacher classroom approach.

Different trainers or teachers will have good and bad days and the course information and syllabus will be presented differently from day to day and from person to person.

On-line training is 100% consistent, always up to date, never gets tired or bored and ensures all candidates/learners/trainees receive exactly the same treatment and information.

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It has been estimated that an average learner only retains 10% of the knowledge when listening to a lecture or just reading material.

Studies have shown that interactive on line courses, where the learner has a variety of media and interactivity, can raise this retention of knowledge to over 70%. 


Convenience and cost benefits

A group of employees can be trained individually without taking all of them away from their work at the same time and yet the quality and consistency remains the same, it has been shown that on line training reduces conventional training costs by up to 70% and also delivers a higher standard of knowledge retention and consistency.

Immediate delivery

When a training requirement is identified it can often take a while to arrange with conventional delivery methods. On line training is available 24/7 with no restriction on numbers. Certificates are also available for immediate download.

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