Online course with IOSH Working Safely Certificate, duration 6 hours. 6 CPD credits.

Online course with IOSH Working Safely Certificate, duration 6 hours. 6 CPD credits.

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IOSH Working Safely

This Online course has been assessed and approved by IOSH and meets their stringent standards. It leads to the IOSH Working Safely Certificate, of which any learner can be duly proud of achieving. 


CSCS and ECS have suspended recognition of online delivered IOSH Working Safely courses. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS COURSE IF YOU WANT TO USE IT TO APPLY FOR A CSCS CARD OR  ECS CARD.

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IOSH are the largest health and safety membership organisation in the world with over 40,000 members across 99 countries. 

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A 5 Star course and certificate as rated by more than 1000 reviews.

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5 /5     11/10/2019     S Hall    
5 /5     09/10/2019     N Mehta    
4 /5     13/09/2019     J Lloyd    
5 /5     13/09/2019     G Quinn    
5 /5     10/09/2019     M Sowerby    
5 /5     10/09/2019     S Campbell     Great course
5 /5     07/09/2019     S Manolache    
5 /5     07/09/2019     D McDonough    
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5 /5     20/07/2019     S Tomkins-Russell    
5 /5     20/07/2019     Z Furlong    
5 /5     16/07/2019     D Ivanov    
5 /5     11/07/2019     H Prentice    
5 /5     27/06/2019     D Hansard     brilliant! very informative, instructive and precise. a brilliant way to make everyone safe
5 /5     25/06/2019     T Warren    
5 /5     24/06/2019     C Warren    
5 /5     18/06/2019     V Butler    
5 /5     16/06/2019     D Marriott    
5 /5     03/06/2019     C Brierley    
5 /5     03/06/2019     P Orlowska    
5 /5     27/05/2019     M Wietrzycki    
5 /5     26/05/2019     R Courage     very comprehensive course, covering all aspects of my requirements and more.
5 /5     21/05/2019     S Roberts    
5 /5     12/05/2019     M Ball     Excellently designed course, however the text was slightly small to read on my laptop screen. I've still recommended this to a colleague though!
5 /5     30/04/2019     C Turk    
5 /5     30/04/2019     A Avis    
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3 /5     03/04/2019     K Kinson     Standard
5 /5     01/04/2019     M Lindsay     Easy to understand.
5 /5     31/03/2019     A McKee    
5 /5     28/03/2019     M Hamlyn    
5 /5     28/03/2019     c heywood    
5 /5     27/03/2019     R Sinclair     Good Course enjoyed it!
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5 /5     28/02/2019     G Drummond     Excellent course 5 stars
5 /5     26/02/2019     C MacKenzie    
5 /5     17/02/2019     B Broadley     Excellent infomation about health and saftey, easy to understand and engage with, excellent course
5 /5     08/02/2019     J Howell     Easy learning at my own pace
5 /5     07/02/2019     M Warminger    
5 /5     07/02/2019     C Hutchison    
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5 /5     12/01/2019     N Richards    
5 /5     06/01/2019     M Mamoon Naseer     "Good slides and knowledge, easy to learn and good price. I wish to join this in future too."
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4 /5     13/11/2018     M Rudkin    
5 /5     04/11/2018     S Sadiq     very good course and I got a lot of information from it
5 /5     23/10/2018     K Johnson    
5 /5     18/10/2018     W Mungandi     This was a really educational and fast paced E-Learning Course.
5 /5     18/10/2018     R McCann    
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4 /5     16/10/2018     A Whittaker    
5 /5     12/10/2018     A Wright    
5 /5     12/10/2018     T BRINKLEY    

The course and the assessment are all done online, which means that you can work at your own pace and in your own time. There are no extra fees it's genuinely all inclusive, the course, assessment, IOSH registration, certificate, postage, two exam attempts, re-enrollments and extra exam attempts if required.

If you need your certificate urgently for a job application then this is the process. (Remember, Online/Elearning Courses can NOT be used for CSCS or ECS applications):

1     Purchase the course, 24/7, you will immediately receive log in details to start the course. Just click the Add to Cart button above.

2     Enroll yourself and get started, our system will automatically register you with IOSH.

3     IOSH will process your application within 5 working days (usually less).

4    After you pass the assessment (can be same day you enrolled) your results are sent automatically to IOSH. 

5     IOSH process your results within 5 working days (often less).

6     IOSH produce your certificate and send it on to us for forwarding to you at the address you gave us when you enrolled. We e-mail you a pdf scan as soon as we receive the certificate and then post it on to you. The paper certificate usually arrives within 5 working days from when you passed the assessment.

Course Structure

The IOSH Working Safely course is split into five interactive modules:

  1. An introduction to working safely; the principles of why working safely is important.

  2. Defining hazard and risk; recognising risks in the workplace and understanding the application of risk assessments.

  3. Identifying common hazards; understanding how hazards arise and how to prevent them. A hazard spotting exercise is included to practise this essential health & safety skill.

  4. Improving safety performance; understanding how systems and processes can be put in place to improve safety performance and how these relate to all levels of the workforce.

  5. Protecting our environment; how organisations and individuals can get involved in reducing environmental impacts.

The modules must be completed in order. The course can be exited at any point. The system saves progress so returning candidates can continue where they left off. If attempted in one sitting then at least 6 hours should be allocated to fully work through all the interactive exercises and to read and absorb the information.  Learners who have completed other health and safety training will probably find they can work through at a much faster pace - typically less than 3 hours.

Further reading links are provided throughout the course. The assessment only covers the main course, the links are for interest only.


The assessment cannot be attempted until all the course modules have been worked through. The assessment must be done within 3 months of starting the course, BUT you can always contact us and we will re-enroll you for FREE - you must do the whole course again before attempting the assessment.

The assessment questions are randomly taken from a large question bank provided by IOSH. If the assessment is re-sat, different questions will be asked. The assessment must be completed in one sitting and cannot be re-visited or re-started. IOSH also state that the assessment should be treated as a closed book exam.

There are two parts to the assessment:

  1. A knowledge and comprehension assessment which consists of 16 questions in a variety of formats; and

  2. An application of learning, where learners are required to complete a hazard-spotting exercise, that consists of four exercises.

There is a time limit of 30 minutes for the assessment.

To attain the IOSH Working Safely Certificate an overall passmark of 30 out of 49 is required with a minimum score requirement for the individual modules of 20 out of 33 for the knowledge and comprehension assessment and 10 out of 16 for the application of learning. If you fail the assessment, then contact us and we will re-set the course Free of Charge, so that you can try again. We will keep doing this until you pass.

Accreditation and certification

Successful candidates will receive an immediate online downloadable acknowledgement of completing the course and 6 CPD credits. 

The certificate has no expiry date but IOSH recommends that the course and assessment are re-done after three years.  The certificate meets government guidelines and the requirements of the HSE’s ‘passport’ syllabus.


IOSH Working Safely Certificate

IOSH Working Safely Certificate

IOSH Working Safely Safety Passport

IOSH Working Safely Safety Passport


After successfully completing the course the trainee will be able to:-

  • explain why it is important to work safely

  • identify who is responsible for safety in the workplace

  • define what is meant by ‘hazard’, ‘harm’, ‘risk’, ‘risk control’

  • identify six broad groups of hazards

  • give examples of immediate and long-term harm

  • define risk assessment in terms of likelihood and consequence

  • identify the three risk control options and the order in which they should be applied

  • identify what should be considered to reduce risk, so far as is ‘reasonably practicable’

  • identify common hazards in the workplace

  • apply the most appropriate risk control option for an identified workplace hazard

  • demonstrate what can be done to control identified workplace hazards

  • explain what an organisation is responsible for, in relation to safety, health and welfare in the workplace

  • identify what an employee is responsible for, in relation to safety, health and welfare in the workplace

  • explain how safety improvements can be achieved

  • describe what to do in an emergency

  • define what is meant by the ‘environment’

  • define what is meant by ‘pollution’ and ‘waste’

  • describe ways in which the three types of pollution can occur

  • define what is meant by ‘business sustainability’, considering the impact a business has on people, performance and environment

  • explain what an organisation can do to reduce pollution and waste

  • list the five simple steps to help minimise pollution and waste, in the order in which they should be considered.

Target Audience

This IOSH Working Safely course is suitable for all people at any level, in any sector, needing a grounding in the essentials of health and safety. This interactive online e-learning course leads to the globally recognised IOSH Working Safely Certificate and will provide individuals with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the essentials of health and safety.

Bulk purchases / purchasing for others

After a successful purchase you will be automatically taken to our registration process. Here you create your learner(s) and assign the course(s) to them so that they can start training immediately. If you do not know all the learner details - no problem, you can return later and create the learners when it suits you. The system automatically creates an admin group of your learners, this means you can access your learner accounts to obtain certificates or schedule reports on the progress of your group, useful for Health & Safety audits or Registration to organisations such as CHAS, SMAS, SafeContractor, ConstructionLine etc or site access when certificates are required.

If this all sounds too complicated feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to enrol you or your colleagues on your behalf. 

Free trial

We know how difficult it can be choosing online training, we have been there ourselves! That is why we are giving free access to our other health and safety training courses (excluding exams) so you can try them out and satisfy yourself with the quality. Unfortunately we have to work to IOSH guidelines with their courses and they do not currently support free trials but our other courses are all written in the same style and format so if you like them you can be assured you will like this one as well. 

We know that when something looks too good to be true, there's often a catch. There are no catches, we simply want to give you a more informed choice. Email us with your requirements and we will set you up. 

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The aim of Commodious Training is simple - to provide cost effective health, safety and compliance training for SME’s and charities. We want to promote a “why not” attitude towards training, and hopefully help promote better health, safety and food hygiene throughout the UK. 

As a Social Enterprise, we re-invest much of our profits back into social and environmental concerns. So as well as getting fantastic value training, you will also help make a difference.

Features and benefits

  • Complete your training in your own time. When you purchase this course you are given up to 3 months starting the course until when you must take the assessment, giving you plenty of time to complete your training, AND you can always contact us and we will re-enroll you for FREE if you have run out of time - you will have to do the whole course again though.

  • Work through the course at your own speed. Our system continuously logs your progress so you can return to where you left off at any time.

  • Set up learner groups to track learner progress and view certificates. Perfect for companies and teams and its free of charge.