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Fire Safety Training

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Fires are very common, with fire and rescue services attending over 150,000 fires in England during 2020/21. They can also be very dangerous, and cause serious injury, death and damage to property.

For this reason, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires employers to provide their staff with appropriate information, instruction and training about the fire precautions in their workplace, and how to act in the event of a fire.

Our fire safety awareness course can be used to satisfy several of this legislation's requirements. It covers a wide range of relevant information, including:

  • What the causes and classifications of fire are.
  • The fire triangle, and how fire spreads.
  • How to detect and prevent fire.
  • How to react to a fire, and the emergency evacuation procedures that must be followed.

Fire Marshal Training

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The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is an important piece of legislation designed to prevent fires, and the injuries and damage that they can cause.

This legislation places several responsibilities on employers, including the requirement to:

  • Complete a fire risk assessment.
  • Appoint one or more 'competent persons' to carry out any preventive and protective measures required.
  • Ensure that all firefighting, fire detection and fire warning equipment is regularly maintained.

Our fire marshal/fire warden training course is ideal for anyone who has fire safety responsibilities at work, such as being responsible for completing fire risk assessments or assisting with emergency evacuations.

It is also available as part of our great value bundle deals, which can help you get the training you need for less.

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Fire Safety Training

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Our fire safety awareness training course explores how to prevent fire, and how to act in the event of a fire.

It is designed for all workers who do not have any specific fire safety roles or responsibilities.

Fire Marshal Training

Fire extinguisher

Our fire marshal training course goes further by exploring how to identify the hazards associated with fire, and how to complete a fire risk assessment and fire safety plan.

It is designed for anyone who has additional fire safety responsibilities in their workplace.

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Fire Safety FAQs

Fire safety training is very important and should be taken regularly to ensure that your knowledge is fresh and up to date. For this reason, we recommend that you complete fire safety training every three years.

This also applies to fire marshals, who should complete a fire marshal refresher course, or obtain a new fire warden certificate, every three years.

There are no fixed definitions given to the fire marshal and fire warden roles, so their duties can vary significantly between organisations.

Generally speaking, fire wardens in the workplace will be responsible for clearing a building in the event of a fire, completing head counts at the fire assembly point, and ensuring that nobody reenters the building. In contrast, fire marshals are usually responsible for identifying fire hazards in a workplace, completing fire risk assessments, and coordinating fire wardens during a fire.

Our fire warden training is suitable for anyone looking to become a fire marshal or a fire warden.

Our fire safety and fire marshal courses take 55 minutes and 80 minutes to complete respectively.

You can complete our fire safety and fire marshal training online, making it better value and more convenient than other fire marshal training courses. To find out more about the benefits of online training, and the features we offer at Commodious, click here.

No, there is no need to complete an online fire extinguisher training course, or anything similar alongside your fire safety course. This is because our fire safety and fire marshal training courses already contain all you need to know about the different kinds of fire extinguisher, and how to use them.

If you need a refresher on the different types of fire extinguisher, click here to view our knowledge bank article on the topic.