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Our GDPR Awareness Training

This basic GDPR awareness course outlines the requirements of the UK GDPR, the rights it grants to individuals, and the responsibilities it places on organisations.

It is designed for anyone who handles personal data as part of their job, and requires a basic understanding of the GDPR in order to do so correctly.

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Our advanced GDPR training course explores the UK GDPR and its principles in detail, as well as outlining information on lawful bases, data security, and accountability.

This GDPR training is for employees who require a strong understanding of data protection and the GDPR to carry out their role.

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The GDPR is an important piece of data protection legislation that gives people more control over how their personal data is used. In doing so, it places several responsibilities on organisations that wish to store or process personal data, and requires them to provide several rights to individuals whose data they hold.

Our GDPR training courses are ideal for anyone who works with personal information fully understands the GDPR, and will help them to ensure that they know how to handle this data lawfully and avoid the fines associated with non-compliance.

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GDPR Frequently Asked Questions

We offer two different data protection courses: a basic GDPR course and an advanced GDPR course.

  • Our GDPR Awareness course covers the basics of the UK GDPR, including its principles and the rights it grants to individuals. It is designed for anyone who handles personal data as part of their job.
  • Our Advanced GDPR Awareness course covers this in more detail, as well as exploring the lawful bases for data processing, data security, and how organisations can demonstrate accountability. It is designed for those who manage or control an organisation's data protection practices.

Be aware that both of our GDPR eLearning courses are awareness courses only, and that those looking to act as a data protection offer may require additional data protection officer training or official data protection certification.

The GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation, is a piece of legislation that took effect in the EU on the 25 May 2018. It is designed to give individuals greater control over their personal data, and places strict requirements on businesses to who wish to store or process personal data in order to do so.

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation.

The GDPR is incorporated into UK law by the Data Protection Act 2018. This act can be viewed in full on the UK government's website by clicking here.

Yes, the GDPR still applies in the UK after Brexit. This is because the GDPR was adopted into UK law, with a few minor changes, when the country left the European Union.

The UK GDPR is enforced by the Information Commissioner's Office, a supervisory authority whose role is to make sure that the information an individual provides to an organisation is processed correctly and stored securely, and impose fines on those that do not comply.

You take our GDPR training online, both the course and assessment, which means that you can complete it at a time that suits you.

Taking a GDPR course online helps to ensure that you can get the training you need while minimising business disruption.