Online course with instant downloadable certificate, duration 2 hours. 2 CPD credits.

Online course with instant downloadable certificate, duration 2 hours. 2 CPD credits.

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Safeguarding Online Course

Safeguarding is a term used to denote measures to protect the health, well-being and human rights of individuals, which allow people, especially children, young people and vulnerable adults to live free from abuse, harm and neglect.

There are certain requirements and responsibilities when working with children or vulnerable adults that should be adhered to. This online course describes these requirements and responsibilities and is suitable for anyone working with children or vulnerable adults including volunteers, nursery and school workers, activity club workers and those working in a nursing or care capacity.

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5 /5     07/10/2019     S Wilkins    
5 /5     03/10/2019     N Lone    
5 /5     02/10/2019     C Fowler    
3 /5     30/09/2019     L Crump     should read it out to you like in the introduction.
5 /5     27/09/2019     H Hallam    
5 /5     26/09/2019     A Wong    
5 /5     23/09/2019     N tayler    
5 /5     20/09/2019     E Lockley    
4 /5     11/09/2019     A Fletcher    
5 /5     03/09/2019     E Ferris    
5 /5     03/09/2019     S Bradley    
5 /5     17/08/2019     E Szabo    
5 /5     14/08/2019     N Prangnell    
5 /5     14/08/2019     C Ludlow    
5 /5     14/08/2019     J Finnegan    
5 /5     21/07/2019     a gibson    
5 /5     21/07/2019     K Griffin    
5 /5     20/07/2019     J Gibson    
5 /5     17/07/2019     R Frempong Osei    
5 /5     16/07/2019     D Adedeji    
5 /5     11/07/2019     J Parker     comprehensive and easy to follow course
4 /5     09/07/2019     C Harrison    
5 /5     05/07/2019     B Patel    
5 /5     04/07/2019     A Flower    
5 /5     19/06/2019     C Blanchard    
5 /5     11/06/2019     N Szulc    
5 /5     10/06/2019     S Howell    
5 /5     10/06/2019     b morrall    
5 /5     08/06/2019     K PLACE    
5 /5     04/06/2019     S Clarke     Very detailed course and gave me a lot more facts and information than I already knew. Would thoroughly recommend
5 /5     03/06/2019     L Duncan    
5 /5     30/05/2019     S Halliday    
5 /5     29/05/2019     G Williams    
5 /5     25/05/2019     M Clark    
5 /5     21/05/2019     N Hartley-Thumwood     it would have been nice to focus on adult safeguarding just as much as the adult sector is just as ever increasing. very easy to follow, simple and easy to understand. i was expecting a more difficult course.
5 /5     16/05/2019     N Mutalama    
5 /5     15/05/2019     j phillips    
5 /5     12/05/2019     G Fleming     contains good information
5 /5     10/05/2019     T Anastasiou    
5 /5     09/05/2019     C Dickinson    
5 /5     08/05/2019     L De La Fuente Carmona    
5 /5     30/04/2019     H Berry    
5 /5     29/04/2019     D Harrison    
5 /5     26/04/2019     S Bloor    
5 /5     25/04/2019     A Emms    
5 /5     25/04/2019     A Sutherland     This online course was helpful with the knowledge given, very simple to navigate.
5 /5     24/04/2019     t smith    
5 /5     03/04/2019     W Regan    
5 /5     02/04/2019     Q Ulain    
5 /5     28/03/2019     c heywood    
5 /5     20/03/2019     D MANNION    
5 /5     20/03/2019     C Williamson    
5 /5     15/03/2019     J Scott-Kilvert    
5 /5     14/03/2019     J Howard     very straight forward, easy to use. could benefit from sound all the way through
4 /5     13/03/2019     E Bangay     The writing was quite blurry and small so was quite difficult to read
5 /5     08/03/2019     K Costello    
5 /5     07/03/2019     h whare    
5 /5     06/03/2019     L Murray    
5 /5     27/02/2019     J Muthoka    
5 /5     26/02/2019     A Tchanile    
5 /5     24/02/2019     K Tonge    
5 /5     22/02/2019     D Stay    
5 /5     20/02/2019     S Davis    
5 /5     20/02/2019     C Millem    
5 /5     15/02/2019     E Tomes    
5 /5     08/02/2019     P Leighton    
5 /5     08/02/2019     v conway    
5 /5     04/02/2019     D French     Easy to understand with simple and well delivered information
5 /5     25/01/2019     J Donovan     Excellent this was! So easy to do il do more!
5 /5     23/01/2019     S Jones    
5 /5     20/01/2019     D Muyi    
5 /5     14/01/2019     J Dobson    
5 /5     14/01/2019     E Simmons    
5 /5     14/01/2019     S Pearce    
5 /5     13/01/2019     M Reece    
5 /5     07/01/2019     L Docking    
5 /5     07/01/2019     H Mason    
5 /5     17/12/2018     L Hodgkin    
5 /5     14/12/2018     C O'Leary    
5 /5     12/12/2018     Anonymous    
5 /5     07/12/2018     E Raube    
3 /5     27/11/2018     N Sorsouphanh    
5 /5     27/11/2018     C Huntley    
5 /5     27/11/2018     Anonymous     GREAT! HAPPY
5 /5     27/11/2018     D Lucas    
5 /5     26/11/2018     E Dyer    
5 /5     26/11/2018     R Bailey    
5 /5     25/11/2018     D Boore    
5 /5     22/11/2018     F Sands    
5 /5     20/11/2018     J Mathieson    
5 /5     19/11/2018     N Moriarty     Great
5 /5     19/11/2018     G Bishop    
5 /5     16/11/2018     N Colquhoun    
5 /5     11/11/2018     J Dennis    
5 /5     10/11/2018     C Boore    
4 /5     06/11/2018     K Pringle    
5 /5     06/11/2018     H Hodis    
5 /5     06/11/2018     S Wiese    
5 /5     05/11/2018     A Akinwunmi    
5 /5     05/11/2018     c twaddle    

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Course Structure

The course comprises 5 interactive modules and a final assessment. Links to recommended reading and additional resources may be provided within the training modules. These links are not mandatory and will not be tested for in the final assessment.


It takes approximately 2 hours to complete the course in full. This can be spread out over multiple sessions or completed in a single session. There is no time limit for completion.


All candidates must complete a multiple choice assessment after working through the training material. The candidate will be asked 16 multiple choice questions, randomly chosen from a larger question pool, and need to answer a minimum of 12 correctly to pass. Candidates will be given instant feedback after completing the assessment stating whether they have passed or failed. The assessment can be re-taken as many times as is required to pass at no additional cost. 

Accreditation and certification

Successful candidates will receive a RoSPA approved certificate and 2 CPD credits.

All of our courses, systems and services have been registered to the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. Quality Management Systems Ltd (QMS) made this prestigious award and all of our certificates bear their registration mark, giving assurance that the training and assessment was completed with a quality registered organisation.

Safeguarding Awareness Training Course Certificate

Safeguarding Awareness Training Course Certificate


This online course discusses the requirements of legislation such as the Care Act 2014 and the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 and how the requirements relate to anyone working with children or vulnerable adults including volunteers, nursery and school workers, activity club workers and those working in a nursing or care capacity.

After completing the course candidates will :

  • Be aware of the requirements of safeguarding legislation and guidance, understand the various types of abuse, and the 4 R’s.

  • Be aware of how to recognise, respond, report and record abuse.

  • Understand the obstacles to responding and disclosure.

  • Be aware of organisation responsibilities, the Disclosure Barring Service, codes of conduct on a personal and contractor level.

Target audience

The course is suitable for anyone working with children or vulnerable adults including volunteers, nursery and school workers, activity club workers and those working in a nursing or care capacity.

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