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Safeguarding Adults

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Everyone has the right to live a life free from harm, abuse and neglect. However, for a variety of reasons, some people are unable to look after themselves, and are more likely to experience these things as a result.

Anyone who works with vulnerable adults must understand how they can protect those adults in their care from experiencing harm, and be able to identify the signs of abuse and neglect.

This course answers several questions, including:

  • What is safeguarding adults?
  • What is the aim of safeguarding adults?
  • How many principles underpin all adult safeguarding work?
  • Which acts inform current safeguarding adults policies and procedures?

Safeguarding Children

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£10.00 + VAT

Due to their age, children are more likely to experience abuse and neglect. For this reason, anyone who works with children must be aware of safeguarding legislation and guidance, and understand what they need to do to protect the children in their care.

  •  Our safeguarding adults and children courses are approved by IIRSM and certified by the CPD Certification Service.
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  • Our safeguarding courses are included in our a great value Nursery and Care Worker Bundle for those interested in further training.

We also offer a Safeguarding for Workers training course, which is designed for those who work around, but not directly with, children and vulnerable adults. Use the button below to find out more about this course:


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Safeguarding Course FAQs

We offer three different safeguarding courses:

  • Our Safeguarding Adults course is designed for those who work with vulnerable adults, such as care home workers, medical staff, and teachers.
  • Our Safeguarding Children course is designed for those who work with children, including teachers, nursery workers, and activity club workers.
  • Our Safeguarding Awareness for Workers course is designed for anyone who regularly works in a place where vulnerable adults or children are present, but does not directly work with them. This includes construction workers, contractors, and inspectors.

Everyone has the right to live in safety, and free from abuse or neglect. However, some groups of people (including children and vulnerable adults) are more likely to experience harm, abuse or neglect than others.

Safeguarding refers to the actions that those who work or spend time around vulnerable groups of people must take to protect them from harm, and promote their welfare.

Safeguarding training has a range of benefits. Specifically, it can help staff to:

  • Identify which people are vulnerable or at risk of harm, so that they can be provided with the support they need.
  • Recognise the common signs of abuse, and do so as early as possible.
  • Better communicate with people who belong to certain vulnerable groups.
  • Understand how to approach abuse disclosures, and how to report them.

Vulnerable adults are those who are unable to protect themselves from harm, or look after themselves, for any reason. As a result of this, vulnerable adults require additional support to avoid experiencing abuse or neglect.

There are several aims to adult safeguarding, including:

  • Helping them to live safely and avoid experiencing abuse and neglect.
  • Supporting them to make their own decisions and provide informed consent where possible.

Anyone under the age of 18 is a child, and requires additional support from those around them to avoid experiencing harm. For this reason, those who work with children should be trained in child safeguarding so that they can:

  • Protect the children in their care from abuse and neglect.
  • Support the development of the children in their care, and help them to achieve their full potential.

Yes, all of our safeguarding courses have been certified by the CPD Certification Service.

Also, our courses on adult and child safeguarding are approved by IIRSM, which is a further mark of their quality.