Allergy Training

Food allergy awareness is essential in any setting where food is prepared or sold to protect people from being harmed by the food they consume and suffering an allergic reaction. To protect allergy sufferers, the Food Information Regulations 2014 place a legal requirement on food businesses to provide accurate information about the 14 allergens in their food.

It is also recommended that food handlers and food servers are trained in food allergy awareness to help them better protect their customers. Our food allergen training courses highlight the importance of understanding allergens, and provide information on how they can be controlled in a food business.

We offer two courses, one tailored for catering and food retail staff and another for food manufacturing environments. Both of our food allergy training courses have been endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality, so you can be sure they meet legal requirements and are of the highest quality.

Our Food Allergy Courses

ConCEST Approved 1 CPD Point

ConCEST Approved 1 CPD Point

Food Allergy FAQs

The law identifies 14 allergens that a customer must be made aware of if they are used in a dish or product. More information on them can be found in our knowledge bank.

All food businesses must have a food safety management system in place to make sure the food they produce is safe. This system must contain information on food allergens and detail the measures in place to control allergenic cross-contamination.

While food handlers are primarily responsible for managing allergens in food businesses, it is recommended that everyone who works with food, including food servers, receive allergen training.