Online course with instant downloadable certificate, duration 40 minutes. 1 CPD credit.

Online course with instant downloadable certificate, duration 40 minutes. 1 CPD credit.

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Asbestos Awareness Online Course and Certificate

Anybody who works on the fabric of a building, built or refurbished before 2000, could potentially be exposed to asbestos. The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 requires anyone who is likely to be exposed to or disturb asbestos at work to undertake asbestos awareness training.

This is a general awareness course and is ideal for all trades people and anyone who has responsibility for the management and upkeep of buildings.

The course is IATP accredited and meets the training and awareness requirements of relevant legislation and regulations including The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 regulation 10 sections 232 to 235, and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. It also meets the requirements of CHAS, SafeContractor, ConstructionLine, Exor, SMAS and other SSIP registrations plus HSE safety training requirements.

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A 5 Star course and certificate as rated by more than 1000 reviews.

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5 /5     07/10/2019     K Jelenczyk    
5 /5     07/10/2019     B Ferre    
5 /5     07/10/2019     M Gosling    
5 /5     07/10/2019     A Parker    
5 /5     07/10/2019     S Janusz     Rubbish
5 /5     07/10/2019     V Ardeleanu    
5 /5     06/10/2019     D Preece    
5 /5     06/10/2019     J Brickell    
5 /5     06/10/2019     J Hogan    
5 /5     06/10/2019     T Anderson    
5 /5     06/10/2019     S Haslehurst    
5 /5     06/10/2019     T Wood    
5 /5     06/10/2019     r dawkins    
5 /5     06/10/2019     j kernan    
5 /5     06/10/2019     L Hill    
5 /5     06/10/2019     G Godbear     Great . . Simple and quick!
5 /5     06/10/2019     V Tutula     Useful
5 /5     06/10/2019     T Ungur    
5 /5     06/10/2019     s lockley    
5 /5     06/10/2019     d humphreys     very good
5 /5     06/10/2019     E Nistrian    
5 /5     06/10/2019     D Ganev    
5 /5     06/10/2019     R Alish    
5 /5     06/10/2019     B Musov    
5 /5     06/10/2019     V Mihaylov    
5 /5     06/10/2019     J Gladwin    
5 /5     05/10/2019     A Saidi    
5 /5     05/10/2019     P Stiles     Best course I've taken on this subject - more focused on what you actually need to know. One or two of the exam questions were ambiguous, though.
5 /5     05/10/2019     A Alleyne     informative and well structured
5 /5     05/10/2019     J Weaver    
5 /5     05/10/2019     T Moroney    
5 /5     05/10/2019     S Dema    
5 /5     05/10/2019     l shevlin    
5 /5     05/10/2019     s frankham    
5 /5     05/10/2019     A Boxall     great
5 /5     05/10/2019     S Blackshields    
5 /5     05/10/2019     D Ackland     boom
5 /5     05/10/2019     G Mbaindjikua    
5 /5     05/10/2019     N List    
5 /5     04/10/2019     M Stenhouse    
5 /5     04/10/2019     G Lackenby    
5 /5     04/10/2019     P Dootson    
5 /5     04/10/2019     D Tite    
5 /5     04/10/2019     J Mathews    
5 /5     04/10/2019     D Fletcher    
5 /5     04/10/2019     J Graham    
5 /5     04/10/2019     J Shaw    
5 /5     04/10/2019     D Hobbis     found course very helpful
5 /5     04/10/2019     j carre     great
5 /5     04/10/2019     K Osei-Wusu    
5 /5     04/10/2019     J Rowan    
5 /5     04/10/2019     J Farlam    
5 /5     04/10/2019     R Bichir    
5 /5     04/10/2019     S Dewitt    
5 /5     04/10/2019     A Ross    
5 /5     04/10/2019     C Fairhurst    
5 /5     04/10/2019     J Ross    
5 /5     04/10/2019     A McCracken    
5 /5     04/10/2019     B Battershill    
5 /5     04/10/2019     C Thomas    
5 /5     04/10/2019     D Knight    
5 /5     04/10/2019     n lynch     very good course found it really helpful
5 /5     03/10/2019     N Sanders    
5 /5     03/10/2019     L Oakley     Informative and easy to understand
5 /5     03/10/2019     j mclaughlin    
5 /5     03/10/2019     K Defontaine    
5 /5     03/10/2019     J Lees    
5 /5     03/10/2019     M Cassim    
5 /5     03/10/2019     T Heyes    
5 /5     03/10/2019     T Pinkerton    
5 /5     03/10/2019     D Hughes    
5 /5     03/10/2019     R Hartley    
5 /5     03/10/2019     D Rogers    
5 /5     03/10/2019     a cordiner    
5 /5     03/10/2019     T Hopkinson    
5 /5     03/10/2019     J Inglis    
5 /5     03/10/2019     K McNally    
5 /5     02/10/2019     D Crane    
5 /5     02/10/2019     J Basterfield    
5 /5     02/10/2019     S Buckley    
5 /5     02/10/2019     F Cross    
5 /5     02/10/2019     S Burge    
5 /5     02/10/2019     J Harrison    
5 /5     02/10/2019     D Bradford    
5 /5     02/10/2019     M Shelton    
5 /5     02/10/2019     H Evans    
5 /5     02/10/2019     C Bradley Wood    
5 /5     02/10/2019     P Simpson     Thankyou
5 /5     02/10/2019     j Rea    
5 /5     02/10/2019     N State    
5 /5     02/10/2019     c lockwood    
5 /5     01/10/2019     J O'Brien    
5 /5     01/10/2019     D Walsh    
5 /5     01/10/2019     C Gibson    
5 /5     01/10/2019     S Lynch    
5 /5     01/10/2019     J Prout     Great course
3 /5     01/10/2019     S Collins    
5 /5     01/10/2019     K Caton    
5 /5     01/10/2019     J Dawson    
5 /5     01/10/2019     J Fisher    

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Course Structure

The course comprises 3 interactive modules and a final assessment. Links to recommended reading and additional resources may be provided within the training modules. These links are not mandatory and will not be tested for in the final assessment.


It takes approximately 40 minutes to complete the course in full. This can be spread out over multiple sessions or completed in a single session. There is no time limit for completion.


All candidates must complete a multiple choice assessment after working through the training material. The candidate will be asked 12 multiple choice questions, randomly chosen from a larger question pool, and need to answer a minimum of 9 correctly to pass. Candidates will be given instant feedback after completing the assessment stating whether they have passed or failed. The assessment can be re-taken as many times as is required to pass at no additional cost.

Accreditation and certification

Successful candidates will receive an IATP accredited certificate and 1 CPD credit. The IATP are a nationally recognised not-for-profit organisation that works in conjunction with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The IATP accreditation logo on our certificate gives you the confidence that our Asbestos Awareness Training has been independently audited and meets the relevant Category A training requirements set out in the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. Why we selected IATP rather than UKATA


.All of our courses, systems and services have been registered to the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. Quality Management Systems Ltd (QMS) made this prestigious award and all of our certificates bear their registration mark, giving assurance that the training and assessment was completed with a quality registered organisation.

Asbestos Awareness Training Course Certificate

Asbestos Awareness Training Course Certificate


This online asbestos awareness course will help organisations meet their legal obligations and provide candidates with a basic awareness of the dangers associated with asbestos and the management and control measure required to control the risks.

After completing the course, candidates will:

  • Be aware of the dangers of asbestos;

  • Have knowledge of the legal and regulatory framework that underpins asbestos management;

  • Be aware of the appearance of asbestos and asbestos containing material;

  • Be aware of the typical areas where asbestos can be found;

  • Be aware of the precautions to take before working on the fabric of a building;

  • Be aware of what to do if they discover or disturb asbestos.

 Target Audience

This e-learning course is a general awareness course and is ideal for tradespeople such as joiners, roofers, demolition workers, plumbers and electricians. It is also useful for people who have responsibilities for the management and upkeep of buildings such as landlords and facilities managers. The course is designed to satisfy the training and awareness requirements of relevant legislation and regulations including The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

This course can be used by people working in high risk environments as a general introduction alongside suitable supplementary, hazards specific training.

Bulk purchases / purchasing for others

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