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IOSH Working Safely

Our IOSH Working Safely course is suitable for all workers, regardless of sector, who require an understanding of health and safety.

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A poor understanding of health and safety can lead to injury, ill health and damage. For this reason, it is essential that all workers are aware of the essentials of health and safety, and how they can protect themselves and those around them at work.

IOSH Working Safely is a health and safety course, designed for all workers, that explores the importance of working safely. It is a globally-recognised and respected course that can be achieved in just 6 hours.

Commodious' Working Safely course is fully online and available 24/7, minimising business disruption.


IOSH Managing Safely®

IOSH's Managing Safely® course is designed for anyone responsible for managing others in the workplace, including:

  • Line managers.
  • Supervisors.
  • Team leaders.
  • Company directors.

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Maintaining good health and safety practices is essential to protect staff and comply with the law. This requires effective health and safety policies, and a strong understanding of hazards and risks among management.

IOSH Managing Safely® is the market-leading health and safety management course for managers and supervisors. The information contained within this course will allow them to improve their organisation's safety awareness culture, productivity, and reputation.

  •  Our IOSH training courses have been fully approved by IOSH.
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  •  Every purchase of IOSH Managing Safely® comes with a free 5 course bundle.

Why choose IOSH?

IOSH's Managing Safely® and Working Safely courses are internationally recognised health and safety training courses. Whether you are a line manager who needs to learn the fundamentals of safety awareness, or you just need to know the basics of health and safety, an IOSH course will provide you with the knowledge you require and a health and safety certificate to prove it.

IOSH certificates are renowned the world over and represent the highest quality health and safety training - we believe there really is no better option.

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Why choose Commodious?

Why choose Commodious?

At Commodious, we have been offering great value online training since 2012, and have helped over 500,000 learners in that time!

We offer training you can rely on, with an average rating of 4.9 stars across all of our courses and accreditations from organisations including the Institute of Hospitality and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. To find out more, why not:

Frequently Asked Questions

IOSH Working Safely is designed for anybody, no matter their role or the sector they work in. It covers the essentials of health and safety, which are important for protecting yourself and your colleagues at work.

IOSH Managing Safely is a health and safety certificate designed for line managers and supervisors, which covers topics such as how to carry out a risk assessment and accident investigation. It is designed to provide learners with the knowledge needed to manage health and safety, and create a strong safety awareness culture across their organisation.

IOSH stands for the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

IOSH is the chartered body for health and safety professionals, providing qualifications to raise the standards of health and safety in workplaces worldwide.

The IOSH Working Safely certificate takes approximately 6 hours to complete, and the IOSH Managing Safely certificate takes approximately 22 hours.

Once the content has been completed, you will need to pass a final assessment:

  • For the Working Safely course, this is made up of a multi-choice question paper and a hazard spotting exercise.
  • For the Managing Safely course, this is made up of a multi-choice question paper and a risk assessment project.

Once you have completed the course and the assessment has been passed, IOSH will process the results within 5 working days (often less). They will then post your certificate to Commodious to be forwarded to you. 

When we receive the certificate, we email a PDF scan of the certificate to you before posting the physical copy. The paper certificate usually arrives within 5 working days of passing the assessment.

The certificate never expires. However, it is recommended that learners take a refresher course every three years.

There are no entry requirements for the IOSH Managing Safely online course or the IOSH Working Safely online course.

Yes, Commodious is one of the select IOSH course providers. This means our courses are recognised as being of the highest standard.

You can check that we are a licensed training provider by searching for Commodious in their Trainer Directory.

Both of the IOSH training courses we provide are delivered online. This means that, unlike classroom courses, they can be completed at any time. Our online system will also remember your settings and progress, allowing you to return to the course whenever you like.

If you have any further questions about our courses or how our online system works, please contact us at