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Management | Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development began 100’s of years ago with medicine and the teaching of the Royal Medical Colleges. Peer-to-peer learning was viewed as essential to progress the latest medical developments and knowledge. The idea that you never stop learning was born.

During the industrial revolution more professional bodies, institutes, and societies were created. So that more professions or skilled trades were represented.

As knowledge and skills advanced these organisations often required their members to demonstrate or prove that they were up to date. Continuing Professional Development was born.

CPD is not a qualification in itself - to find out more

IOSH stands for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), a Chartered body and leading membership organisation for safety and health professionals. IOSH has over 47,000 members worldwide, working in a diverse range of organisations in around 130 different countries

IOSH offer professional development programmes, events, helplines, and up-to-date technical advice. IOSH provide training and skills products and other IOSH approved courses that provide valuable knowledge, skills and qualifications for their members and colleagues.

IOSH was formed in 1945, a Chartered Membership of IOSH is recognised worldwide as the hallmark of professional excellence in workplace safety and health. Commodious are proud to be associated with IOSH and have associate partners who are chartered members of IOSH, furthermore Commodious are licensed by IOSH to provide online courses such as Working Safely and Managing Safely.

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ISO 9001 is recognised worldwide as the international benchmark for quality within an organisation.

To gain ISO 9001 certification, Companies must be able to demonstrate to an independent auditing body, that they have quality systems in place meet the standards set out by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

Read about the Commodious Registration to ISO 9001 and what it means



Why use Online Training?

Online training or online learning is ideally suited to remote workers and home workers. Also where large numbers of people require training without business interruption.

Because it is available 24/7 and no special facilities are required just internet access and a suitable device. The standard is consistent and learners can go at their own pace without the pressure of a classroom.

The learner progress is easily monitored by the training organiser provided the online course is run on a suitable learning management system or LMS. Large numbers of people can be trained quickly and effectively enabling employers to meet their duty of care for training requirements.

Commodious offer online training courses with free access to an LMS

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Choosing the correct electrical safety training course can be difficult from the large number that are available. A few are detailed here:

  • Electrical safety training courses
  • Basic electrical safety courses
  • Electrical health and safety courses
  • Electrical safety certificate courses (issued by a certified electrician)
  • Professional qualifications such as 18th edition certificate
  • Electrical safety courses online

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Like many countries, the U.K is trying to reduce the spread of COVID-19 disease by 'lockdown.' This global 'lockdown' has presented serious economic challenges for many businesses.

For the lucky ones they have been able to keep operating whilst complying with lockdown by employees becoming remote workers. How have the successful companies achieved this and what can we learn from them?

Remote workers or working from home fall under the HSE category of lone workers. This article is concerned more with managing and motivating remote workers, if you need to know about lone workers and the law read this.

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When is a trained vehicle banksman required? | What is a slinger banksman job description? | What does a banksman do? | Can a Banksman stop traffic? | and other FAQ


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There are many questions being asked regarding the UK, GDPR and Brexit, including what happens now that Britain has left the EU? Many people are unsure if the UK is GDPR compliant or if GDPR applies to the UK.

You may have heard of the UK General Data Protection Regulation and be unsure of what it is. This article tries to answer these questions in a simple format along with some other FAQ's:


Does GDPR apply to the UK after Brexit?

Will the UK keep GDPR after Brexit?

Is GDPR UK law?

What is UK GDPR?

Who enforces UK GDPR?

How much is a GDPR fine in the UK?


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What is a Level 2 certificate equivalent to?

Here at Commodious we offer training courses with level 1 certificates, level 2 certificates and level 3 certificates. What do these qualification levels mean?

If you want to know what a level 2 qualification is equivalent to ........ then read on