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10 IOSH Managing Safely Training and Certification FAQs

Health and safety training can help people to work safely, prevent injuries and ill health, and avoid putting those around them at risk, and should be an essential consideration for all workers and employers.

This article will look at IOSH Managing Safely, the most popular health and safety course for managers, and answer ten frequently asked questions about IOSH Managing Safely certification and training.

What is IOSH Managing Safely?

IOSH Managing Safely is the market-leading health and safety course for line managers. It is suitable for managers in any sector and is designed to give them the skills and knowledge to manage and work safely.

The Managing Safely course is one of several training courses created by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), the largest worldwide membership body for safety and health professionals. It is run in collaboration with various training providers such as Commodious.

What level is IOSH Managing Safely?

There is no official level associated with the IOSH Managing Safely course, but it is broadly similar to a Level 2 qualification.

How long is IOSH Managing Safely valid?

Once the IOSH Managing Safely course is complete, candidates will be issued an IOSH certificate that does not expire. However, IOSH recommends that those with a Managing Safety certificate refresh their knowledge every three years by completing an IOSH Managing Safely refresher course.

What is the pass mark for IOSH Managing Safely?

The Managing Safely assessment is split into two parts: a multiple-choice question paper and a practical risk assessment project.

  • The pass mark for the multiple-choice question paper is 36 out of 60.
  • The pass mark for the practical risk assessment project is 23 out of 38.

How long does it take to get an IOSH certificate?

The time it takes to get an IOSH certificate varies depending on the course completed and the training provider used. For example, at Commodious, we offer an IOSH Working Safely course that can be completed in around 6 hours and an IOSH Managing Safely course that takes approximately 22 hours to complete.

Once the course has been completed, your results are sent to IOSH, who typically issue the final certificate within 3-5 working days.

How do I verify an IOSH MS certificate?

IOSH provides a tool on their website that can verify any certificates that they have issued, including an IOSH Managing Safely certificate. This tool can be accessed by clicking here.

How much does an IOSH course cost?

IOSH training courses vary significantly in price based on several factors, such as whether they are online or classroom courses. For example, at Commodious, we offer fully online versions of both the IOSH Working Safely, and IOSH Managing Safely courses for £59+VAT and £125+VAT, respectively.

Is IOSH Managing Safely a Level 3 qualification?

No, IOSH Managing Safely is not a Level 3 qualification. While it does not have a level officially associated with it, the IOSH Managing Safely course is broadly equivalent to a Level 2 qualification.

Do I need to do an IOSH refresher?

As previously mentioned, it is not mandatory for a person with an IOSH certificate to complete a refresher course, as the certificate itself does not expire.

However, it is strongly recommended that people who have completed the Managing Safely course also complete a refresher every three years to renew their skills and knowledge and ensure that they can manage and work safely.

How do I get an IOSH Managing Safely certificate?

To get an IOSH Managing Safely certificate, you must first complete the Managing Safely course. This is offered by several training providers such as Commodious, who offer a fully online version of the course for just £125+VAT. For more information on this and our IOSH Working Safely course, use the links below:



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