10 Benefits of IOSH Managing Safely

Top 10 Benefits of IOSH Managing Safely

Commodious is an IOSH-approved training provider. This allows us to deliver their globally recognised IOSH Managing Safely and IOSH Working Safely courses online.

These IOSH courses will provide you with the health and safety knowledge you require, regardless of whether you are a worker or a line manager, and a health and safety certificate to demonstrate this knowledge worldwide.

In this article, we will look at the top 10 benefits of completing IOSH Managing Safely, their market-leading health and safety course for line managers.

Working Safely

  1. Understand Your Role - Taking the IOSH Managing Safely course will help you to fully understand your role in the workplace, and the responsibilities you have to look after the safety, health and wellbeing of your employees and those around you.
  2. Maximise Productivity - By taking steps to protect your employees, and minimise any accidents and illnesses they may experience, you are helping to reduce disruptions to work and maximise productivity. The IOSH Managing Safely course also covers how to handle accidents and incidents if they do take place, information which can be used to further minimise disruptions to work.
  3. Reduce Costs - Completing the IOSH Managing Safely course will provide you with the knowledge required to complete and implement risk assessments. By doing so, you will help your organisation to save money by reducing the significant expenses that accidents can create, such as sick pay and repair costs.
  4. Ensure Compliance - Commodious' IOSH Managing Safely course is up to date with all of the relevant health and safety legislation, and contains several case studies and hazard spotting exercises to help learners to understand this legislation. By taking the course, you are ensuring that you understand what health and safety law requires of you and what you must do to comply with this law.
  5. Reduce Risks - As well as protecting you and your staff, the IOSH Managing Safely course can help you to protect your patrons and any members of the public that interact with you and your workplace. Even though they are not employed by you, these people deserve to be able to go about their lives without being subject to unnecessary risks.
  6. Industry Recognised Qualification - By taking the IOSH Managing Safely course, you are demonstrating to other organisations and your industry that you value responsible management and take health and safety seriously. This can help to improve your organisation's reputation and build new business relationships.
  7. Online Course - Commodious IOSH Managing Safely course is taken online, and is available instantly. This means that, unlike a classroom course, it can be completed in your free time, minimising business disruption and course costs.
  8. Save on Recertification - IOSH certificates do not expire, which reduces the need for regular training and minimises the disruption and stress that this creates. This does not mean that additional training is never necessary (IOSH recommends that a refresher training course is completed every three years), but completing an IOSH course can reduce the frequency and amount required.
  9. Membership - The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is the largest health and safety membership organisation worldwide, meaning that their certificates and qualifications are recognised globally. This can help you to demonstrate your health and safety knowledge regardless of where in the world your career may take you.
  10. Practical Skills - The IOSH Managing Safely certificate is a great foundation for anyone who is looking for a career in health and safety, and will provide learners with the knowledge and practical skills they need to pursue further study and obtain additional qualifications, such as a NEBOSH certificate.

If you are interested in getting an IOSH Managing Safely or IOSH Working Safely certificate, consider taking one of the courses below. They are both available instantly and can be completed online, making them ideal for busy managers, supervisors and health and safety professionals who are looking to improve their knowledge and demonstrate their skills:




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