First Aid Knowledge

5 Reasons Why First Aid Knowledge Is Important

People being injured at work is a common occurrence, with statistics from the Health and Safety Executive showing that 693,000 people sustained an injury at work in 2019/20. Having staff members with a knowledge of first aid is essential to reduce the impact an injury has, ensure people get the help they need and, in severe cases, save lives.

In this article, we will look at the importance of first aid training, and explore some of the reasons why basic first aid knowledge can create a safer working environment for all.

It helps to reduce discomfort

Providing first aid to a person that is injured can help to stabilise them and reduce any discomfort that they are experiencing.

Doing so can also help emergency services personnel to better understand the situation when they arrive, and reduce the work they need to carry out before they can transport the person to hospital.

It prevents an injury from worsening

Some injuries can become significantly worse if not treated quickly. For example, a person who is unconscious may struggle to breathe if they are not placed in the recovery position as soon as possible, which can cause them to stop breathing entirely.

Having trained first aiders on hand will allow a person to be treated before their injury or condition worsens, which will reduce the impact it has on them.

It helps to save lives

While it does not happen often, some people will become seriously ill at work. For example, they may suffer from a serious allergic reaction or have a heart attack.

In emergency situations like this, first aid skills and knowledge are essential in ensuring that the person gets the help they need to save their life as soon as possible, and that this help is delivered with confidence.

It boosts confidence

Taking workplace first aid training can help to boost a person's confidence. This means that, in an emergency situation, they will know what to do and be able to act quickly and calmly, which is especially important in situations where a patient requires rescue breaths or other complex forms of assistance.

Also, boosting a person's confidence in their first aid skills can help them to feel more comfortable and confident when carrying out other roles in the workplace.

It encourages people to work safely

Providing people with first aid training can help them to better assess the risks and dangers present in the workplace. This will help them to work safely, and encourage them to make any necessary changes required to prevent accidents and incidents from taking place altogether.

There are several training courses that a person can take that allow them to act as a first aider and deliver first aid. The main two are the:

  • Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) course, which is a one day course designed to teach people the basics of first aid
  • First Aid at Work course, which is a three day course that provides learners with the skills required to provide first aid in high risk environments, such as construction sites.

These first aid courses cannot be delivered online, so we do not offer them at Commodious. However, we do offer a First Aid Awareness course that can be provided to all staff, that explores the basics of first aid and how to react in an emergency situation. It does not allow a person to act as a first aider, but will help them to understand what to do if they come across a first aid emergency.

For more information on this course, visit the link below: