Manual Handling: What does TILE stand for?

Anyone who has received training in proper manual handling practices and procedures is likely to have come across the acronyms TILE, TILEO, or LITE. This article will look at what TILE stands for and the meanings of some common manual handling acronyms.

What Is the Meaning of TILE?

TILE manual handling

TILE is an acronym used to make carrying out a manual handling risk assessment more manageable. Commodious offers a comprehensive risk assessment training course that explores how to conduct a proper risk assessment.  It is designed to help a person remember which aspects of a manual handling task must be considered before it is completed:

T stands for task. Think about the nature of the manual handling task itself:

  • Does it involve lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing, or pulling?
  • How may these actions affect your health and safety?
  • Does the task contain any strenuous movements, long distances, uneven weight distributions, or repetitive movements?

I stands for individual. Think about who will be carrying out the manual handling task:

  • How strong, fit, or capable is the individual?
  • Are they suitable for manual handling on their own?
  • Do they require support to complete the task?

L stands for load. Think about the object or person being moved:

  • Is the weight unusually heavy, bulky, difficult to hold, or unstable?

E stands for environment. Think about where the load is being moved from and to:

  • Is there a lack of space?
  • Is the flooring wet or irregular?
  • Is there enough lighting?
  • Are there any potential trip hazards?

What does TILEO stand for?

TIELO manual handling

TILEO is just an extension of the TILE acronym. Alongside Task, Individual, Load, and Environment, TILEO adds 'Other factors' to the list of things to consider:

O stands for other factors. Think about anything else, in addition to the task, individual, load, and environment, that may impact the safety of the manual handling activity:

  • Does personal protective equipment (PPE) make it difficult to move?
  • Is additional/different PPE required?

What is LITE?

LITE is another manual handling acronym sometimes used in place of TILE. Both phrases stand for the same thing, but its letters are arranged differently:

L stands for load, which refers to the size, shape, surface type, and weight of the thing being moved.

I stands for individual, which refers to the capabilities of the person performing the manual handling task.

T stands for task, which refers to the nature of the manual handling task and the motions the task involves, such as pushing, pulling, lifting or carrying.

E stands for environment, which refers to the area in which the object is being moved.

At Commodious, we offer a manual handling training course that explores the risks associated with manual handling, such as musculoskeletal disorders, and what can be done to reduce these risks: