How To Get Asbestos Certificate

How to get an asbestos certificate

This article deals with how to get an asbestos awareness certificate online. These are required by most major construction companies before work activities or access to site is allowed. Other names often used are asbestos awareness course or asbestos training course. The control of asbestos regulations (asbestos regulations 2012) under regulation 10 states that:

Every employer must ensure that any employee employed by that employer is given adequate information, instruction and training where that employee is or is liable to be exposed to asbestos, or if that employee supervises such employees.

So, if a risk assessment has found that the task may involve work with asbestos containing materials. Or that asbestos containing materials ACMS are present. Then it is a legal duty that asbestos awareness training is carried out.

What is the expiry date on asbestos certificate awareness training? There is no legal expiry date but for a more detailed explanation use this link.

What will you need to get an online asbestos awareness certificate?

You will need access to the internet. You can use:

  • A smart phone.
  • Tablet.
  • ipad.
  • Laptop
  • PC.

Where to buy an online asbestos awareness training course?

Go to this link online asbestos awareness course and instant certificate. As you will see the cost is £10 + VAT. Discounts may apply for bulk purchasing, contact Commodious for more details. Purchase the required number of asbestos awareness training courses.

Asbestos Awareness book cover

How do I do the course?

Create a username and password then enter the name exactly as you want to appear on the certificate.

Then assign the course to yourself or the learner you have created.

If the course is for yourself, then just launch the course and work through the modules. This will take about 40 minutes maximum.

How do I get my asbestos awareness training certificate?

After completing the modules you will be taken to a short assessment. Answer the multiple choice questions. If you fail, just try again, there is no charge. When you pass the assessment your certificate is instantly available to download.