Online course with instant downloadable certificate, duration 2 hours. 2 CPD credits.

Online course with instant downloadable certificate, duration 2 hours. 2 CPD credits.

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Food Hygiene & Safety Level 2 Online Course

Food poisoning affects millions of people every year. Good food hygiene is essential to prevent people being harmed by the food and drink they consume. Food handlers have a legal obligation to ensure they do not cause harm through bad practice, ignorance or neglect. 

This advanced online course is suitable for employers, managers and supervisors that control premises which store, handle or produce food. This online course satisfies training and awareness requirements of relevant legislation and regulations including The Food Safety Act 1990 (amended) and Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs and the FSA and sector skills council. A Level 1 food safety course is available in our catalogue.

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5 /5     07/08/2019     M McCord    
5 /5     05/08/2019     M Daniels    
5 /5     28/07/2019     H Flynn    
5 /5     25/07/2019     N McCoy    
5 /5     21/07/2019     K Griffin    
5 /5     17/07/2019     D Adedeji    
5 /5     16/07/2019     S Condon    
5 /5     08/07/2019     Z Burke    
5 /5     27/06/2019     S Daniels    
5 /5     22/06/2019     J Elumade    
5 /5     13/06/2019     L Brown    
5 /5     10/06/2019     J Evans    
5 /5     05/06/2019     J Young    
5 /5     04/06/2019     O Aregbesola    
5 /5     31/05/2019     A Viveash    
5 /5     21/05/2019     D Stone    
5 /5     20/05/2019     L Adams    
5 /5     20/05/2019     S O'Connor    
5 /5     16/05/2019     L Steiner    
5 /5     15/05/2019     A Beamish    
5 /5     14/05/2019     L Watts    
5 /5     14/05/2019     M Pollitt    
5 /5     10/05/2019     C Bonsoon     Excellent Course , very interesting and informative . Easy to follow and complete .
4 /5     09/05/2019     S Gilbey    
4 /5     09/05/2019     N Gilbey    
5 /5     09/05/2019     A Blakey    
5 /5     09/05/2019     K Bird     A comprehensive course in an easy to understand format
5 /5     07/05/2019     C Brothers    
5 /5     06/05/2019     A Hole    
5 /5     25/04/2019     J Kearney    
4 /5     25/04/2019     N Wellings    
5 /5     24/04/2019     D Ciobotaru    
5 /5     03/04/2019     W Regan    
5 /5     09/03/2019     P Mercer    
5 /5     06/03/2019     A Foster    
5 /5     04/03/2019     E Wardle    
5 /5     24/02/2019     J Vero McCann    
5 /5     21/02/2019     P Davenport    
5 /5     20/02/2019     S Riley    
5 /5     15/02/2019     E Tomes    
5 /5     25/01/2019     D Edwards    
5 /5     19/01/2019     C Carolan    
5 /5     19/01/2019     C Alexander    
5 /5     15/01/2019     C Gallagher    
5 /5     11/01/2019     S Owens    
5 /5     09/01/2019     J Lewis    
5 /5     30/12/2018     C McWilliams    
5 /5     30/12/2018     S Logue    
5 /5     28/12/2018     A McQuaid    
5 /5     27/12/2018     C Sweeney    
5 /5     11/12/2018     E Oscair    
5 /5     05/12/2018     A Warrilow    
5 /5     05/12/2018     G Chambers    
5 /5     04/12/2018     R Higgins    
5 /5     29/11/2018     E Raube    
5 /5     26/11/2018     D Luffman    
5 /5     26/11/2018     L Cole    
5 /5     26/11/2018     J Cinque    
5 /5     18/11/2018     A Hutton    
5 /5     14/11/2018     T Swaffield     This course was easy to follow and navigate.
5 /5     07/11/2018     M Griffith    
5 /5     07/11/2018     J Clarke    
5 /5     06/11/2018     A McMayon    
5 /5     05/11/2018     Y Cherquaoui    
5 /5     05/11/2018     A Evans    
5 /5     03/11/2018     c twaddle    
5 /5     24/10/2018     R Squance    
5 /5     21/10/2018     M Clawson     Excellent course, very educational.
5 /5     21/10/2018     E Kirkham    
5 /5     20/10/2018     N Wright    
5 /5     16/10/2018     M McKay    
5 /5     05/10/2018     S Bluck    
5 /5     21/09/2018     C Isbell    
5 /5     14/09/2018     C Kelley    
5 /5     13/09/2018     J Thorn    
5 /5     13/09/2018     S Boztepe    
5 /5     13/09/2018     B Hart    
5 /5     13/09/2018     R ODriscoll    
5 /5     13/09/2018     G Tigwell    
5 /5     13/09/2018     S Brady     Excellent!
5 /5     13/09/2018     H Couchman    
5 /5     13/09/2018     B Williams    
5 /5     12/09/2018     B Strout    
5 /5     11/09/2018     G Evans    
5 /5     10/09/2018     G Evans    
5 /5     10/09/2018     G Chapman    
5 /5     09/09/2018     I Morrell    
5 /5     08/09/2018     J Toms    
5 /5     08/09/2018     J Bacon    
5 /5     07/09/2018     J Barnes    
5 /5     06/09/2018     C Lindley     Very informative

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Course Structure

The course comprises 5 interactive modules and a final assessment. Links to recommended reading and additional resources may be provided within the training modules. These links are not mandatory and will not be tested for in the final assessment.


It takes approximately 2 hours to complete the course in full. This can be spread out over multiple sessions or completed in a single session. There is no time limit for completion.


All candidates must complete a multiple choice assessment after working through the training material. The candidate will be asked 20 multiple choice questions, randomly chosen from a larger question pool, and need to answer a minimum of 15 correctly to pass. Candidates will be given instant feedback after completing the assessment stating whether they have passed or failed. The assessment can be re-taken as many times as is required to pass at no additional cost.

Accreditation and certification

Successful candidates will receive a RoSPA approved certificate and 2 CPD Credits.

All of our courses, systems and services have been registered to the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. Quality Management Systems Ltd (QMS) made this prestigious award and all of our certificates bear their registration mark, giving assurance that the training and assessment was completed with a quality registered organisation.

Food Safety Level 2 Training Course Certificate

Food Safety Level 2 Training Course Certificate


This online Food Safety (Level 2) course will help organisations meet their legal obligations and provide candidates with a thorough awareness of the dangers associated with poor food safety and hygiene and the management and control measures required to control the risks.

After completing the course, candidates will:

  • Understand the importance of good food hygiene;

  • Have knowledge of the regulations underpinning food safety and the agencies involved with ongoing management;

  • Have knowledge of the various forms of food contamination;

  • Be aware of the methods required to assess and manage food safety risks;

  • Be aware of food storage and preservation methods;

  • Understand the importance of good personal hygiene;

  • Have knowledge of the risks and precautions needed for effective pest control;

  • Have knowledge on the importance of and how to implement effective cleaning;

  • Have knowledge of the legal and food safety requirements for premises;

  • Have knowledge of food safety management systems including HACCP.

 Target Audience

This online course is an advanced awareness course designed for employers, managers and supervisors with responsibility for the welfare of employees and the management and control of premises that store, handle or produce food. The course is designed to satisfy the training and awareness requirements of relevant legislation and regulations including The Food Safety Act 1990 (amended) and Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs. A level 1 food safety course is also available in our catalogue.

Bulk purchases / purchasing for others

After a successful purchase you will be automatically taken to our registration process. Here you create your learner(s) and assign the course(s) to them so that they can start training immediately. If you do not know all the learner details - no problem, you can return later and create the learners when it suits you. The system automatically creates an admin group of your learners, this means you can access your learner accounts to obtain certificates or schedule reports on the progress of your group, useful for Health & Safety audits or Registration to organisations such as CHAS, SMAS, SafeContractor, ConstructionLine etc or site access when certificates are required.

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