Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if your question is not listed below.

Do you have a learning management system?

Yes we do and it is FREE!

Our LMS system is provided FREE OF CHARGE regardless of the number of courses you purchase or the number of users.

Features and benefits

  • Designed with compliance auditing in mind so you can quickly prove that you have made best efforts to fully train all your personnel. Learners automatically added to an administration group simplifying reporting and audits.
  • Group managers do not have to be learners.
  • Monitor lerner progress with scheduled reports.
  • Group managers automatically sent learner certificates.

Can I create a bundle of courses to suit my requirements?

YES! Bespoke bundles can be created to suit your requirements. Bespoke bundle pricing (+VAT)

  • 2 courses only £17.50
  • 3 courses only £22.50
  • 4 courses only £24.00
  • 5 courses only £25.00 additional courses £2.00 each


  • Each bundle can only be allocated to one learner.
  • It is not possible to share bundled courses between multiple learners.
  • The bundle deal offer excludes IOSH Working Safely.

Please contact us with your requirements.

How do I view and download reports on my group on the LMS?

Group managers access the reports section via their dashboard from a link just beneath the Commodious logo.

  1. Select Reports from the menu list to access the reports section.
  2. Select the report you are interested in by clicking the appropriate square. The most commonly used report is Course Status.
  3. Each report type has several options that must be selected before you can generate the report. The report can be viewed online or downloaded as a pdf or excel (csv) file.
  4. A Schedule link will appear once the report has run that allows you to schedule the report to be sent to your email daily or weekly.

Can I download my learner’s certificates?

YES! Group managers can access the users menu via the Dashboard link just beneath the Commodious logo.

  1. Select Users from the menu list to access the user section.
  2. Select a learner from the list then click the enrolments tab on the top menu bar.
  3. Click the completed courses box to view a list of completed courses.
  4. Click the three small vertical dots on the appropriate course row to reveal the sub-menu.
  5. Select Download Certificate from the list.

Are your courses certified?

All of our courses are designed to satisfy training requirements of organisations such as the HSE, CHAS, SafeContractor, ConstructionLine, Exor and other SSIP registrations.

The courses are accredited by one of the following: IOSH, ConCEST, IATP oand RoSPA.

A downloadable certificate, displaying the accreditation body's logo is automatically provided on successful completion of the course assessment.

How do I found out what questions I got right/wrong in my assessment?

Any person with management rights can access this information, the ‘group manager’ is often the person that initially purchased the training course or enrolled themselves and their learners onto the courses. First access the reports section as answered above.

  1. Select Reports from the menu list to access the reports section.
  2. Click the Exam report square.
  3. Click output format and change to transcripts.
  4. Select a user by entering either their first name, last name or username.
  5. Select the course you want to review and run the report.

How do I buy courses?

Click the Online Courses and Bundle Deals links in the top menu to view all currently available courses and bundle deals.

An Add To Cart link is available on each ach course and bundle page. Once you have selected all required courses, click the Checkout button. You can pay by debit/credit card or via PayPal.

Feel free contact us if you would like assistance with the enrolment process.

How do I add a learner?

Once you have purchased your courses you will be redirected to the admin screen My Purchases. Login or create a new account if you are new to the system.

Once signed in, your course purchases will be listed in a table in the centre of your screen. At the end of each row will be an Enroll Learner link. This link includes all currently registered learners in your group. When you first start out only your own name will appear in the list.

Click the Add Learner link in the bottom menu to create a new user. Please note that usernames and passwords must not contain spaces.

After adding a new user, click the dropdown box next to the unassigned course you wish to assign. The newly added learner's name will now be in the list. As we do not capture a learner's email we have no way of contacting them so you will need to inform your learners of their login details.

Learners should us the "My Courses" link top right hand corner to access their training. They will need to enter their username and password to sign in to the learnering management system.