Workplace Health and Safety

As well as IOSH Working Safely and Managing Safely, Commodious offer two Workplace Health and Safety training courses. These courses cover a wide range of safety and health information, and will provide you with the knowledge you need to work safely and manage any health and safety issues that may arise in your workplace.

Our Workplace Health and Safety courses have been written to match the IOSH Working Safely and Managing Safely courses. However, they have not been approved by IOSH, meaning that they will not lead to an IOSH certificate.

These courses are accredited by IIRSM. This means that you can be confident that they are high quality, informative and engaging.

Our Workplace Health and Safety Courses

ConCEST Approved 6 CPD Points

This Workplace Health and Safety course provides learners with a general introduction to health and safety. It covers how they can change their attitudes and behaviours to protect themselves and those around them at work, and is suitable for people working at any level in any organisation.

This online course has been written to match the IOSH Working Safely syllabus, but will not lead to an IOSH certificate.

ConCEST Approved 12 CPD Points

Our Level 3 Workplace Health and Safety course provides learners with a greater insight into managing health, safety and welfare at work. It is designed to teach line managers and supervisors how to more effectively manage their workforce, improve safety awareness in their organisation and enhance their reputation.

This online course has been written to match the IOSH Managing Safely syllabus, but will not lead to an IOSH certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Level 2 course explores the basics of health and safety and covers how to keep yourself and those around you safe at work. The Level 3 course goes further by exploring how to manage the health and safety of others and complete tasks such as risk assessments and accident investigations.

If you are an employee who requires an understanding of safety and health, and an awareness of hazards such as fire safety and manual handling, to work safely, our Level 2 course will be suitable for you. If you are a supervisor or responsible for looking after the safety of others, our Level 3 course is the more appropriate choice.

Workplace Health and Safety Level 2 and 3 are online learning courses, meaning that they can be completed in your own time.

You will also be able to use our learning management system free of charge. This will can remember your progress, meaning that you can start and stop the course whenever you like, and allow you to manage additional learners.

UK legislation places most of the responsibilities for workplace safety on employers. Among other things, they are required to:

  • Conduct risk assessments and implement risk management measures.
  • Create a health and safety policy.
  • Provide appropriate training.
  • Communicate with employees.

Employees are required to follow all safety instruction they are provided with, attend any training they are provided with, and report any hazards or issues they notice as soon as possible.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is the main piece of legislation covering occupational safety and health in Great Britain, and is enforced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

It requires employers to protect their employees while at work by, among other things, providing a safe working environment, appropriate staff training and adequate welfare facilities.

There are a large number of reasons why protecting the health and safety of employees is important. First, it is morally right to make sure that staff are able to return home safely and work without fear of injury or illness.

Also, good safety practices can reduce absences and disruption, resulting in higher productivity and reduced costs.

Finally, as previously mentioned, protecting the safety and health of employees at work is a legal requirement. Failing to do so can result in legal action, fines and imprisonment.