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This article is concerned with the fire triangle uk and explains ‘what is the fire triangle and its composition’. A fire starts when 3 things are present and in the right mixtures. So a fire is really an event rather than a thing. Read More

This article looks at some frequently asked questions about fire safety training courses.

  • Who should go on a fire safety training course
  • The legal issues surrounding fire safety training.
  • Who can give fire safety training
  • What are the typical costs

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Noise is anything which is unbearable to our ears. Around 170,000 people in Britain suffer deafness, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), or other ear conditions from harmful levels of noise at work. Noise can also be a contributory factor to other health conditions such as psychological problems, trauma, depression, irritation, high blood pressure and even a cardiac arrest.

The harmful levels of noise are discussed and the various ways of measuring noise including using a smart phone...Read More

Silica is the biggest risk to construction workers after asbestos. Heavy and prolonged exposure to RCS can cause lung cancer and other serious respiratory diseases. HSE commissioned estimates it was responsible for  the death of over 500 construction workers in 2005. In addition to the risks from lung cancer, silica is also linked....

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This update to HSG 248 takes into account findings from Health and Safety Executive (HSE) interventions and developments in analytical procedures and methodology. As such this second edition is now the authoritative source of asbestos analysis methods in the UK.

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