ECS card

Great news from March 31st 2016 (Now bad news - From July 2017, ECS have stopped recognising online courses or elearning courses so you can no longer use this route to apply for your ECS card) the IOSH working safely certificate and passport is recognised as an exemption from the requirements of the ECS, the Electrotechnical Construction Scheme run by Joint Industries Board (JIB) and the Scottish Joint Industries Board (SJIB) to undertake their Health and Safety assessment. Over 99,000 people have an ECS card which is valid for 3 years, but from March this year if they hold an IOSH working safely passport or certificate they are exempt from having to undertake any further health and safety assessments for their ECS card renewals or new applications. The Commodious IOSH working safely course is an Online course written for busy professionals by professionals who have come from an industrial contracting background. We at Commodious understand that it is not always convenient to take time off from work to attend classroom based courses - apart from the time and lost money it has been proven that it is not the best way to learn. Online training can be done when it is convenient to the user, you can go at your own pace - be that faster or slower than a classroom based course. You can break off and come back from where you left off or go back to something you want to clarify - its the modern way of learning and most important it is cheaper than classroom based courses. Here at Commodious we have developed and offer the online IOSH working safely course at what we believe is the best value Online price so if you want to save time, money but still get the IOSH working safely qualification for exemptions from the requirements of separate Health and Safety assessments of the ECS card and the CSCS card click here.