Commodious awarded ISO 9001 Registration and Certificate

ISO 9001 is recognised worldwide as the international benchmark for quality within an organisation.

By achieving our ISO 9001 certification, Commodious are able to demonstrate to customers and suppliers that the systems we have in place meet the high standards set out by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

To gain the ISO 9001 certification, Commodious had to demonstrate our dedication and commitment to meeting our customers’ needs, operating efficient management processes and delivering consistent, good quality products and services.

Each year, an external Audit is carried out by a third party to ensure our systems are maintained and any non-conformances are noted for correction.

Senior Partner of Commodious, Martin Heywood, said: Achieving the ISO 9001 certificate shows just how committed we are to a continuous improvement programme putting the quality of service and product first and letting the financials then take care of themselves.  

Commodious have always strived to deliver low cost quality online training and have used various external accreditation organisations such as IOSH, RoSPA and IATP amongst others to verify that the courses were fit for purpose. The ISO 9001 standard runs across all courses but also encompasses every aspect of the company, from how the courses are delivered to customer feedback and the service we deliver. In this respect it is the most important achievement of Commodious so far as it ensures everything we do is of a consistent high quality not just an individual course.

If you would like to check the validity of our ISO 9001 certification  or find out more about the ISO 9001 principles  we follow please get in touch today, we would be delighted to speak with you.


Certificate number: 285572017

Awarded: 12 January 2018

Expires: 11 January 2028


UKATA certificate or IATP?

There are many organisations that offer certificated asbestos awareness training and accreditations such as UKATA, IATP, RoSPA, IOSH and  IIRSM . However only two organisations , IATP and UKATA appear to be universally accepted by the insurance industry, local authorities, major construction contractors and all members of the  SSIP such as CHAS, SafeContractor, ConstructionLine, Exor and SMAS. So, to make our Online Asbestos Awareness course as widely accepted as possible the choice was simple IATP or UKATA.

Who are UKATA?

UKATA is a Private company limited by guarantee without share capital, trading as the UK Asbestos Training Association Ltd, it charges fees for membership and was set up in 2008.

UKATA and the HSE

In October 2014 UKATA criticised the HSE over a ‘free’ interactive web app developed by the HSE as part of their “Every Job Beware Asbestos Campaign 2014-2015”. A spokesperson from UKATA was quoted saying: “The app gives a false impression of asbestos related risk and can even encourage untrained personnel to perform asbestos work.” 

UKATA were quick to criticise the app created by HSE with the board of directors of UKATA stating they were disappointed to see the introduction of the web app produced by HSE.

In response, the HSE stated that it was “surprised and disappointed that UKATA appears to be arguing for the removal of free advice aimed at those who might otherwise remain unaware of the risks they face with regards to asbestos.”

The government body continued: “HSE’s Beware Asbestos campaign is aimed at, and reaching, thousands of trades people and workers who undertake jobs on a daily basis that intentionally or unintentionally disturb asbestos.”

“Many of these workers are ignorant of the risks they face when they carry out common tasks such as drilling holes in textured ceilings and replacing old panels around baths.

“The web app takes already existing advice on how to do these tasks safely and presents it in an easy to understand way that workers can carry around with them. The web app is very clear in stating what jobs tradespeople must not do, and indeed helps them to find and contact licensed asbestos contractors in their area who can do these jobs for them.”

It added: “While commercially available courses, such as those provided by UKATA’s members, play an important part in educating workers on what they must do, it is also vital that as many workers as possible know about the risk they face from asbestos and the simple measures they can follow to protect themselves.” To view the HSE web app click here.

Here at Commodious we work closely with the HSE and much of the information in our courses is taken from the HSE web site. We are committed to the same objectives as the HSE to make Britain a ‘Safer’ place to work and ‘live’ in and as such we did not understand the criticism aimed at the HSE by UKATA, It looked to us that UKATA was acting as a trade protection organisation rather than an independent training organisation. So, we turned our attention from UKATA to IATP.  

Who are IATP?

Independent Asbestos Training Providers IATP. The IATP are a nationally recognised not-for-profit organisation that works in conjunction with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). IATP ensure that any online training provider is individually audited to ensure the Asbestos course provided meets all IATP standards and requirements. IATP are what they say on the tin, truly an Independent Training Provider Organisation and IATP are a not for profit organisation. They maintain a list of all training providers, including Commodious and no provider is favoured over any other, you ‘makes your choice and takes your pick’. Consequently as IATP have a good reputation with the HSE and are truly independent we chose to register our Online Asbestos Awareness Training course for accreditation and certification with IATP rather than UKATA. For more information.

Asbestos awareness online training

Our course is free, to access our free asbestos course please contact us or visit

But for only £10+VAT (and volume discounts are available – please contact us if you purchase more than 5) you can complete an assessment at the end of our free course, you will receive an instant downloadable IATP accredited certificate and 1 CPD valid for 1 year and recognised as meeting the training and awareness requirements of relevant legislation and regulations including The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 regulation 10 sections 232 to 235, and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. It also meets the requirements of CHAS, SafeContractor, Construction line, Exor, SMAS and other SSIP registrations plus HSE safety training requirements.

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How do I get a CSCS green card?


This is a question we are often asked here at Commodious, along with how much will it cost? And how long will it take? So, we will attempt to answer these 3 questions here.

First, we should state who and what CSCS are and why they introduced the ‘new’ CSCS labourers green card (and other coloured cards for different occupations).

The prime objective of the CSCS is to keep a data base confirming that individuals working on construction sites have the required training and qualifications for the type of work they carry out. CSCS or Construction Skills Certification Scheme was set up in the 1990s by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB). The CITB is a Government sponsored organisation that works with construction companies to help improve construction skills and improve the safety record of the industry.

The CRO (Construction Related Occupation) card was introduced by CSCS in 2005 and was intended for those occupations for which there were no nationally recognised qualifications and more than 300,000 CRO cards have since been issued. However in July 2014 the ‘new’ green CSCS Labourer card was introduced that required a Level 1 Award qualification and replaced the ‘old’ CRS green card which did not require any qualification. Immediately CRO card applications ‘rocketed’. It was obvious that many workers were using the CRO card as the quickest way to access construction sites because no qualifications were required and only the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test needed to be passed to get a card. This was not the intention, the introduction of the Green CSCS Labourer card was meant to improve training and safety standards not create a by-pass and so from 1st October 2015 new measures were introduced to scrap the CRO card.

So all CRO cards issued from 1st October 2015 will expire on 30th September 2017 and are not renewable.

CSCS will stop issuing CRO cards from 31st March 2017.

Existing CRO cards issued before 1st October 2015 that expire after 30th September 2017 will remain valid until their expiry date.

From now on anybody applying for a CRO type card, will be checked by CSCS to see if their occupation is covered by a nationally recognised construction related qualification and whether they hold that qualification. On submission of the necessary evidence CRO cardholders who have the required qualifications for their occupation will be issued with the appropriate skilled card. Different colours will be used for the different occupations.
To find the correct card for you, you can use the card finder tool on the CSCS website. Put your current occupation and it will show you which qualifications are accepted and the correct CSCS card to apply for.

So, to summarise, CSCS are withdrawing the CRO card because it is not ‘fit for purpose’ and labourers and site operatives will usually need a Green CSCS labourers card to gain access to construction sites.

So, how do you apply for and get a Green CSCS labourers card? 

As we have already seen, you must have a Qualification equivalent to a Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment or an IOSH Working Safely Certificate passed in the last 3 years. See the CSCS web site page for confirmation. 

 This is a screen shot of the CSCS web site more  details are available here

This is a screen shot of the CSCS web site more details are available here

The really great thing about the IOSH working safely certificate is that it is so much more than just a route to getting a CSCS green card. It is a qualification in its own right that anybody can be proud of achieving. IOSH operate in over 99 countries worldwide and as such the IOSH working safely certificate is internationally recognised. So gaining your IOSH working safely certificate and qualification with us at Commodious is fantastic value – not only will it help get your CSCS Green card it is also a good thing to have on your CV anyway and it looks good

IOSH Working Safely Certificate

What else is good about doing the IOSH Working Safely course with us at Commodious? If you check out the CSCS web site and other sites offering Level 1 Awards in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment, a typical price is £125 or more + VAT and you have to take a day off work as they are classroom based – our cost is just £65 + VAT and it is all done online. You do the course and the assessment all in your own time and at your own pace. Our pass rate is over 99% - and we let you have 2 attempts for free, and if there has been any problems with the internet or other stuff beyond your control; we will re-set the course and assessment for free. So, no worries about wasting your money. We are a recommended, registered and approved supplier of online and e-learning courses by IOSH and are listed on their web site for the provision of the IOSH Working Safely Course. We have helped more than 300 people get their IOSH Working Safely Certificates in the last few months and the majority of these also then successfully applied for their CSCS green cards – we can do ‘rush job’ applications for IOSH working safely certificates and CSCS cards and have an agreement with IOSH whereby they will send an e-mail rather than wait for the certificate to be printed and posted. CSCS have also agreed with us that this is satisfactory for them as proof and they will issue the green card as soon as the e-mail is received. The quickest we have ever done this is 2 working days!!! Most other course providers and training organisations take up to 3 or 4 weeks! So, not only are we the best value for money we are by far the quickest. 

 Screen shot of IOSH web site showing Commodious as leading provider of e-learning online provider of IOSH Working Safely Course  more details here

Screen shot of IOSH web site showing Commodious as leading provider of e-learning online provider of IOSH Working Safely Course more details here

The course and the assessment are all done Online, which means that you can work at your own pace and in your own time. You can also break off from the course and return to where you were or start again, you have up to 3 months before you must take the assessment. The assessment must be done in one go and takes less than 30 minutes. Currently our pass rate is 100% and should you fail the assessment remember you get an extra attempt for free.

So to get your CSCS green labourers card the standard process is as follows:

1      Purchase the course Online, 24/7, you will immediately receive log in details to start the course and a confirmation e-mail that we have started the enrolment process.

2     Enrol yourself and get started as soon as you want, our system will enrol you with IOSH and you will receive another e-mail informing you of this.

3      IOSH will process your application within 5 working days (sometimes less) and we will pay your IOSH registration fees. You will receive another e-mail confirming this has occurred.

4     You pass the assessment (can be the same day you enrolled) your results are sent automatically to IOSH you receive an e-mail informing you that this has been done and instructions of what to do if you need your IOSH certificate urgently for CSCS.

5      IOSH process your results within 5 working days (sometimes less).

6       IOSH print your certificate and send it on to us for forwarding to you to the address you have given us when you enrolled. We send you a pdf copy by e-mail as soon as we receive the certificate and then post it on to you. This usually takes 10 working days from when you passed the assessment - probably the fastest of any Online or e-learning provider.

We are often asked how long the course takes, there is no definite answer to this, if you have NEVER done any sort of health, safety or environmental awareness training then allow 6 hours to do the course. Remember you can break off whenever you want, the system will ask you when you log back in if you want to carry on from where you were or start again. If you have already done compliance training and health and safety training then it will probably take less than 2 hours including the assessment, the average time taken by most of our candidates is 2 hours 30mins.

Once you have your IOSH working safely certificate, then you can contact CSCS. You must also have passed their CITB Health, Safety and Environment Operatives Test this costs £19.50 and can be booked at a centre convenient to you.  The CSCS green Labourers card is valid for 5 years and costs £30. Here is a helpful video guide to the application process:

So lets recap all this into easy stages.

  1. Bricklayers and labourers will all need the new CSCS green labourers card to access housebuilding and construction sites as the CRO card is phased out.
  2. Do the IOSH working safely online e-learning course and get your Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a construction environment and gain your IOSH working safely qualification. Buy it now for £65 +  VAT and save more than £60 on other types of course plus do it in your own time without having to go to a classroom.
  3. Book and pay your £19.50 for the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Operatives Test more details here
  4. Contact CSCS pay them £30 and get your green card.

ECS card

Great news from March 31st 2016 (Now bad news - From July 2017, ECS have stopped recognising online courses or elearning courses so you can no longer use this route to apply for your ECS card) the IOSH working safely certificate and passport is recognised as an exemption from the requirements of the ECS, the Electrotechnical Construction Scheme run by Joint Industries Board (JIB) and the Scottish Joint Industries Board (SJIB) to undertake their Health and Safety assessment. Over 99,000 people have an ECS card which is valid for 3 years, but from March this year if they hold an IOSH working safely passport or certificate they are exempt from having to undertake any further health and safety assessments for their ECS card renewals or new applications. The Commodious IOSH working safely course is an Online course written for busy professionals by professionals who have come from an industrial contracting background. We at Commodious understand that it is not always convenient to take time off from work to attend classroom based courses - apart from the time and lost money it has been proven that it is not the best way to learn. Online training can be done when it is convenient to the user, you can go at your own pace - be that faster or slower than a classroom based course. You can break off and come back from where you left off or go back to something you want to clarify - its the modern way of learning and most important it is cheaper than classroom based courses. Here at Commodious we have developed and offer the online IOSH working safely course at what we believe is the best value Online price so if you want to save time, money but still get the IOSH working safely qualification for exemptions from the requirements of separate Health and Safety assessments of the ECS card and the CSCS card click here.